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Bolts, sockets screws, machine screws, self-tapping screws, and nuts are all essential components used in various industries for fastening purposes. Here are some of the types of bolts, screws, and nuts that are commonly used:

Socket Screws

  • Socket cap screws, socket CSK cap screws, and socket button head screws have a smooth, flat head and are used for applications where a flush surface is desired.
  • Socket set screws, also known as grub screws, are used to secure one object to another.
  • Shoulder screws have a smooth, cylindrical shoulder and are commonly used in precision machinery.
  • Socket low head cap screws have a low profile and are commonly used in electronics.
  • Hex Allen key wrenches are used to tighten and loosen socket screws.
  • Plunger screws are used to secure a variety of materials.

allen key

plunger screw

shoulder screw

socket button head screw

socket cap screw

socket CSK cap screw

socket low head cap screw